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Our Story

Founded in 1840, our church began as a major force for good in the local area. Part of Westminster was nicknamed ‘The Devil’s Acre’ by Charles Dickens due to great poverty, oppression, and injustice in the area. Almshouses and schools were built, orphans were cared for, and work schemes were organised for the unemployed.

We believe God is encouraging us to build on this great legacy. We want our existing Foodbank and midweek toddler group to grow and better serve our city, as more hope-giving ministries are established.

We’ve sacrificially given to re-work our building to open it up to bless those around us. We named our coffee shop ‘New Acre’ in faith God will continue to do what he’s done for so many of us, offer real hope and fresh starts to the community through us.

The Chapel is a place of acceptance and transformation, where God’s word is faithfully preached with, we trust, Holy Spirit power (honouring and continuing the legacy of our notable preachers of the past). It’s a place where many nations, ages and backgrounds come to encounter Jesus, and find friendship and family in the heart of London. 

One unique way we ensure this happens is by having the tastiest cooked meal in London every Sunday after the service.