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Pastoral Care Resources

Here are some resources and links which you might find useful.

The Pastoral Care Process


Life groups

We believe that life groups are the most natural and effective place for us to be supporting and caring for our members. Life groups are where regular catch ups happen, prayer requests are shared and people are already supporting each other in various practical ways. 

However, this does not mean that life group leaders are fully pastorally responsible for their group members; they just need to be aware at a very basic level of any pastoral care issues and who their main point of connection in the church might be (if not themselves). 

The Pastoral Care Team aims to work very closely with life group leaders to establish a system of care and encouragement, checking in with life group leaders regularly about their groups and ensuring that they themselves are supported in their care for others. We will work together to organise help for the person needing it (with their agreement), all while maintaining confidentiality. 


Some ministry leaders are also already pastorally caring for their team members and we would love to continue to encourage that. However, if you are a ministry leader, please do remember to connect people in with their life group leaders for additional support (with the person’s agreement), or with the Pastoral Care Team, to avoid any leader shouldering it alone. 

Christian Counsellors

If you would like to speak to a Christian counsellor, we generally recommend looking for one on Waverley Abbey or ACC. Most offer a trial session to help you determine if and how you’d like to proceed.

If helpful, here is a list of counsellors that a few in the church have previously seen. Please note that these counsellors are in no way endorsed by or affiliated with Westminster Chapel. 

Pastoral Care Resources