Our Team

God is the ultimate, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, three and one team. He empowers his followers to reflect him, as a united-diverse team, in which everyone has an important part to play. He calls servant leaders, elders, also known as pastors, to father the church – to shepherd, teach, equip and lead (Acts 20:17-38, Tit 1:5-9, 1 Tim 3:1-7, 1 Pet 5:1-4). They are supported by deacons, a significant leadership role (Phil 1:1-2, 1 Tim 3:8-13, Rom 16:1, Acts 6:1-7), paid staff, and Trustees. We receive encouragement and strength from Guy and Heather Miller, a spiritual mum and dad to our church family, and members of our community. Guy leads Commission.Global an international movement of churches.


Howard Satterthwaite

Lead Pastor/Elder

Howard is a recovering approval addict loved by Jesus. Happily married. Two young, energetic kids. Author of Spiritual Detox with his better half, Holly. Co-host of Parenting Protein podcast. Ex-lawyer. Battled depression, INFJ. @howsatt

Stephen Sloan


Stephen is a pre-analogue standard-bearer being gently propelled into the 21st century by God’s grace, a patient wife and children – and an expectation of great days ahead for the Chapel. Involved in Pastoral Care and (usually) bringing wisdom to various areas of the life of the church. ISTJ. 

Andy Mehigan


Andy feels overwhelmed by big groups, but loves the church. He’s married to Shan and has two giggly daughters. Alongside drinking lots of coffee with people, Andy oversees our Life Groups and helps to run a Bible reading course with Commission. ENTJ.


Dave McDowell

Heather Neufville

Holly Satterthwaite

Gillian Sloan

Becci Tan

Mike Tan

Sola Akinyose

Biola Akinyose


Raymond Wong

Executive Pastor

Genevieve Wong

CAP Centre Manager

Emily Brace


Mike Tan

Worship & Tech Director

Lianne DeVera

Communications Assistant

Biola Akinyose

Children & Families Leader

Heather Neufville

Foodbank Manager



Dave McDowell

Premises Manager

Becci Tan

Communications & Engagement Manager

Craig Webb

CAP Debt Coach