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Looking at the work of Christ in the world, the church and us, through the lens of seeing Him as Prophet, Priest and King.



Jesus represents God to us.

Key words: Knowledge & understanding

Effects of sin: ignorance, blindness, error, untruthfulness

Key duty: reveal God’s will to us

Simple definition for us: a friend of God, with a message from God

Discuss places in Scripture where you see Jesus revealing the will of God through:

  • Instruction
  • Warning
  • Encouraging
  • Promising
  • Rebuking


Jesus represents us to God.

Key words: righteousness and holiness.

Effects of sin: unrighteousness, guilt, moral impurity

Simple definition for us:

Role 1 – Someone asks around the group, ‘How have you been able to put into practice what we’ve learned together recently?’


Jesus rules over us as God.

Key words: dominion, conquering, kingdom

Effects of sin: misery, death, destruction, captivity