Planting in Walthamstow

Big Picture Background It should be impossible to read the book of Acts without seeing how natural planting churches was for Jesus’s first century followers.


God Cares: Resources

Between 30th June and 28th July we asked big questions: ‘DOES GOD CARE ABOUT…?’ We looked at five topics. Some are popular, some controversial and


3D Church

Have you ever noticed how our Western culture’s obsession with individualism results in conformity? We succumb to the pressure to look the same; from fashion


God Cares About…

Does God care? That’s the name of the latest series we’re running, starting this Sunday, 30th June. It’s an important question, one that’s been asked


Thank You!

Wow, church, thank you so much. The count is in. On Sunday you gave/pledged £147,428.06! That means, collectively, from a church of 240 members, we’ve


We Got Planning Permission!

Two years ago we began to dream together. It was a dream about how the premises we’ve been entrusted with can be transformed to better


Moving On – Moving In

We’re continuing in series of blogs on getting serious about loving the city, and particularly, since it’s our context; London. Right now, the inner city of