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Rescue Centre

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We are seeking to put a visible, hospitable, accessible, reaching out, welcoming and drawing in, front space, that we can build community and do mission from that’s open throughout the week. Right. At. The. Front. Of. Our. Building. Where hundreds, maybe thousands, of people will be walking past every day.
Having already raised over £1million, we believe we need an additional £250,000 to do this really well. We know that is a big ask but it will make a big difference to what we can accomplish.
Please watch this great video put together by our team on the history of this project – how it came to be and where it stands now.


The best way to support us is giving right now by bank transfer via your online banking. This allows us to avoid processing fees so your full gift can go towards supporting our mission.
Account Name: Westminster Chapel
Sort Code: 405240
Account Number: 00021549
Bank Name: CAF Bank
Reference: Please include “BUILDING” after your Name/Gift Aid Pin
If you prefer to give via a secure online portal with a credit card or PayPal, you can do so via Virgin Money Giving, accessible here:

And if you want to stay with the tried, tested, and true method of posted cheques, please post us your cheque as soon as possible here:

Westminster Chapel
Buckingham Gate
London SW1E 6BS
Make your cheque payable to “Westminster Chapel” and note “BUILDING” and your Gift Aid PIN, if applicable.


If you’re not able to give a gift, but are able to offer an interest-free loan to Chapel you can extend your offer by filling in this form.

Westminster Chapel are looking for offers of loans within the following parameters:
– Minimum of £5,000
– Interest-free for the term of the agreement
– No payments for at least the first 24 months
– 12, 24, or 36 equal monthly payments starting in 1st month following the no payment period
– Subject to agreement to terms from both Chapel and the loaner
– Total funds offered must be available by 28th March 2021

NOTE: This form is NOT a loan agreement. A subsequent loan agreement will need to be signed by both the lender and Chapel.


Please join us in the final big give before the work that we hope will commence in April.
In consideration of that, we ask that the dates below guide you in your giving:
· Gifts to be given by 28th March via bank transfer or online giving (or as close to that date as possible)
· Loan offers should be sent by the same date, with Chapel assessing and accepting loans as they come in.
· Loan funds should be made available to Chapel by 28th March 2021 (or as close to that date as possible)

I am expectant for extraordinary happy giving as an expression of our longing for God to come in revival power, alongside our faith that he will work through our new and improved building to see hundreds, thousands even, of lives transformed, that would not have been otherwise reached but for our sacrificial giving.

Think of the legacy the Main Hall has given us, think of the benefit we have had from it, and multiply that by a thousand, but not for us, for the people outside our doors.
Human spirits will soar, yours and mine, and all the people who will come to faith, through our sacrificial giving.


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