We’d love to warmly welcome you to 18-30s at Westminster Chapel. A community for 18-39 year-olds to find friendship, to be part of the wider Westminster Chapel family and to grow in your relationship with Jesus, from curious to committed Christian.

We rejoice in being a diverse community. We’re people from different cultures, nationalities, single/dating/married, studying/working/unemployed… you name it. Everyone is welcome – especially you!


You will find plenty of opportunities to build connections, friendships, have fun and grow with others in your walk with God – this is a blessing we would love you to be a part of!

See below examples of our 18-30s activities so you can get a flavour. We have a preference for in-person meetings, but we also run online and hybrid events.

House Parties

We love spending time together sharing food with each other.

Gather Events

Very special events in which we ‘GATHER’ with one another before God to worship, pray and listen from God’s voice for our generation and personal lives.


We also watch movies, celebrate birthdays, play football, do ice-skating, discuss a ‘The Chosen’ episode, go for a photography walk, participate in a Santa-in-the-city race, run tapas parties, play games, and pretty much anything that will come to mind to spend a good quality and fun time together.

We definitely love trying new things! So please be encouraged from day one to share your ideas with one of the 18-30s leaders and together we can explore running an event about a hobby or theme you may have in mind.

Church Life

We also see our 18-30s community as a core and integral part of the wider church family at Westminster Chapel. This means you will frequently find us doing church life in the church-wide events, including Sunday services, Life Groups and serving in ministries such as the worship band, the Foodbank or the hosting team.

Get involved

We will be thrilled if you reach out to be part of our community. The easiest way to connect is to do the following:

Email us

Email us at and we will gladly connect you with the 18-30s leaders who will share with you about upcoming activities, invite you to the 18-30s WhatsApp group, and help you to get plugged in and feel comfortable with our community.

Sunday Services

Please feel welcome to join us at one of our Sunday services. Plenty of us will be there and we would love to meet you! After the service we usually go for lunch together, which is a perfect opportunity to catch up and get to know any newcomers.

We’re praying for you

Whatever your next step is, we pray you will soon find a healthy church and community that you can call home, where you will grow deeper and stronger in your relationship with Jesus and others.

Many of us have found precisely this being part of the Westminster Chapel 18-30s, and we’d love you to be part of it with us too! But ultimately we hope you find God, friendship and community in the church He is leading you to.