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G.R.O.W. Groups

If you’re keen to meet as a group for the sake of discipling one another and experiencing spiritual growth, then why not try our GROW model?

G.R.O.W. is a model to give a helpful framework and structure to discipleship meetings. It’s a bit like a trellis, for the vine of our spiritual lives to grow up, so that when we meet, our times of discipleship will be even more fruitful.

However you choose to meet, you can use this as a catalyst for spiritual formation.

G – goal – how have you got on generally, and especially with your growth goal?

R – role – are you listening to and asking good questions of each other well?

O – oh – what are you seeing and savouring about God?

W – woe/wow/go – what do you need to confess and repent? How are you enjoying God’s grace/forgiveness? How will his loving mercy motivate you to go for God re your growth goal this week?

We believe that the G.R.O.W. model can be used by leaders to disciple the next generation, or peers connecting to help each other grow, e.g. parents, 18-30s, 30+s. 



Grow Goal

Focus massively aids spiritual formation, so we encourage everyone in a group to develop a growth goal.


Grow Role

Every person in the group has two main roles:
(1) Share honestly how they are doing generally, and specifically in relation to their goal.
(2) Listen lovingly, ask good questions, and share key parts of the Biblical material studied that fortnight they think could be helpful to the other person’s goal/life. E.g. Have you thought about…?


Grow Oh

Key to spiritual growth is seeing and savouring God. We need a recovery of “Oh”, being awestruck by the beauty of God. As you work through your materials, think about the attribute of God (or thing he has done for us) that is highlighted that one or more of the people in your group might particularly reflect on?


Grow Woe, wow, and go

Seeing God should help us to see our sin. What sins (beneath sins) have been an issue this week? Take time to confess them, to God, in the presence of others: the woe. But do it in the context of in 1 John 1:9, assurance of God’s total forgiveness: the wow. Then commit to go (see Isaiah 6:1-9). How will you go for God in the area you are working on this fortnight? Share something that you could do/be/think/try you’ll reflect back on, and be gracefully held accountable about, at the start of the next meeting.