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Kid stuff!

This page is a growing collection of resources that families in our church have found helpful to help their kids learn and grow in their journey with Jesus.

Storybook Bibles

Usually ‘starter/storybook Bibles’ for younger children are very colourful adaptations of stories from the Scriptures. They help children to learn ideas and become familiar with characters from a young age. Below are a few that we feel get a good balance of simplifying stories for the age-range, while keeping most of the meaning. 

Note: none of these are perfect because they’re all adaptations of the original. But they are certainly very helpful for laying a basic foundation.

Jesus Storybook Bible (0-5yrs)

God's Big Promises
Bible Storybook

The Biggest Story
Bible Storybook

Great reading

Alongside Storybook Bibles is a vast collection of great literature written for kids of differing ages. These range from adaptations of Bible stories, to imaginative fictions, to biographies, and much more. Here are a selection of some great series or authors we think you should look out for. 

Tales that tell the truth
Faithful & rich storytelling from a variety of authors

Andrew Wilson
Andrew has written a few books for children and they are all captivating and fun

Narnia Chronicles
Wonderful stories for slightly older children


Podcasts can be great for kids who like to listen to something, perhaps over breakfast, for 10-15 minutes.


Singing catchy songs together is one of the best ways for children to memorise truth and learn to praise God.


There are some excellent YouTube channels that bring the Bible to life for kids.