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7 Day Anxiety Detox – #4 – Can You Add A Single Hour To Your Life?

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In Matthew 6:27 Jesus asks, “Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?”

Answer = no. Did you get that? No.

Let’s not fool ourselves here. We really can’t do this. We are people of the dust, we are limited; even to say we are ant-like in comparison to God would be a gross understatement.

Our days are numbered by God. They can’t be added to or taken away.  That means you’re immortal until your life’s work is done.

Worry is like a rocking chair, someone once said; it gives you something to do but it doesn’t get you anywhere. Anxiety arrogantly deludes us into thinking we can control things we have no power over.

We do not have the wisdom, power, or goodness required to control the universe. So take some time to stop, and look up to God at his greatness; the heavens (stars) declaring the glory of God for example (Psalm 19:1), or read and reflect on all the questions God had for Job (Job 38-41).

This post is deliberately short so you can do just that, and then make time to confess your delusions of grandeur to God and remind yourself that He is in control, declaring that He alone is good, all powerful and sovereign. You can trust Him!

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