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Detoxing Anxiety 3: Don’t Worry… Life is More Than X or Y

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My previous post pointed us to Matthew 6 where Jesus begins to outline his cures for worry.
The first is ‘Don’t worry…life if more than X or Y’. In verse 25 Jesus asks, “is not life more than” food, the body, and clothes?

Life doesn’t consist in an abundance of possessions that can’t give you identity, meaning or security or most importantly, life. At any moment they can be taken from you by fire, theft or death. That’s why Jesus called a rich farmer a fool in Luke chapter 12.

This is true of all earthly treasures; they’re empty things.

People who live for beauty, for example, will get wrinkles, grey hair and fat in all the wrong places (love handles and spare tyres). I’m not enjoying having to trim the hairs that keep growing out of my nose now that I’m getting older!
Don’t be a fool. There are better things, eternal things to give your energies to: eternal life with Jesus in the new heavens and earth, where there is eternal beauty and perfect health in the presence of God.

Go through your worry list, one by one, from money, mortgage, career, kids, partner, and remind yourself that Jesus promises, “Your life is more than _____.”

Thank you David Powlinson for your great wisdom on this one!

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