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Everyone wrestles with anxiety, including many, if not all of us, at Chapel. You are not alone. We care. God cares. Find help and healing through exploring the ideas below in healthy community. This is a skeleton summary of Biblical body-mind-heart insights that have, and continue, to help millions. They’re unpacked in more detail in the pdf below, which we’d really encourage you to read.


Wisdom from 1 Kings 19 (do read it if you have time) – the way to peace often begins with your body.

Sleep. Are you going to bed early enough, and getting sufficient sleep?

Diet. Are you eating healthily?

Exercise. Are you getting good exercise?

Grounding techniques. Are you benefitting from making time to ‘be still’?

In summary, are you properly noticing, managing and caring for the way anxiety affects your body, and blocks you from fully engaging with wise counsel?


Name it to tame it. Can you verbalise the kind of anxiety you’re experiencing and how it’s affecting you? Externally processing what’s going on can help you get perspective and gain power over it.

Believe God. How big is God relative to the size of people/what you’re worried about right now? If people are big and God is small you’ll experience more anxiety from, for example, caring too much about what other’s think.

Think Like Jesus.  Read Matthew 6:25-34.

1. Your life is more than ______ [insert what you worry about here, e.g. your job, appearance]. How can you put the things on your worry list in their proper perspective?

2. Open your spiritual eyes. Are you seeing God’s goodness in lovingly caring for creation, and from that his therefore greater Fatherly love not to only creatures but his children?

3. Anxiety is illogical and pointless. What does it really accomplish? Do you need to confess delusions of grandeur and remind yourself that God is in control, not you?

4. God knows what you need. Are you trusting that God really knows what you need, even when it’s not what you want?

Develop Good Habits.  Read Philippians 4:4-9.

1. Pray everything. What anxieties can you pray about and cast upon God?

2. Be thankful. What can you give thanks for today?

3. Think noble. How can you better manage what your mind feeds upon?


Are you anxious because your loves are disordered?

Does Jesus have first place in your heart, or are other anxiety-inducing things, needs, or wants taking first place? Is there sin (not loving God as you should) you need to confess and turn from?


Sovereign God, thank you for your loving care for my body, mind and heart. Please forgive me for proudly thinking I am in control, when I don’t have the wisdom to run the universe. Help me instead to trust you. Open my spiritual eyes to have a much bigger understanding of who you are, that puts people in their proper place. Please cleanse me from my disordered loves. Empower me to love and seek you first. I present this [name what’s specifically making you anxious here] before you, and trust you with it. Help me to see that what I need most is you. Please fill me with your powerful peace that surpasses all understanding and let it guard my body, heart and mind. In the name of the Prince of Peace, Jesus. Amen.