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Becoming a member of Westminster Chapel is probably the best way to devote yourself to this particular church family.

Below is an outline of how you can explore membership further.

Exploring membership

If you have been around the Chapel for 3 months or more (giving you a good idea about us) then we’d love to invite you to join our next ‘Exploring Membership Sessions’.

We run these on Sunday mornings at the same time as our main service. So if you’re joining the session then you simply leave in the 3 minute break when the kids go to their activities. Below is a description of what to expect.

Session 1

In the first Sunday session we’ll focus on answering two main questions:

  1. What is the Church?
  2. Why membership?
  3. What’s your story?


We’ll be looking together at what it might mean for you to devote yourself to a specific church for this season of your life.

Session 2

In session 2 we move on to the more practical details about Westminster Chapel, including:

  1. Our history
  2. What we are today
  3. Who does what
  4. How you can get involved


We’ll have a good opportunity to share how we believe God has gifted us and areas that we can serve others.

Online questionnaire & meet an elder

After you have completed the two Sunday sessions, you’ll be sent a questionnaire in order for you to share a bit more about yourself.

Once you’ve completed this, we’ll arrange for you to meet up with an elder, to chat through any final matters and explore next steps.

Next steps

If you’ve been around for about three months and you’re keen to learn more about what membership means then please feel free to join one of next ‘Exploring Membership Sessions’ (see dates below). 

Why three months? It’s a flexible guideline we have to give people time to make an informed decision about whether to start the membership process with us.

To find out more, please email .