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Part of our mission is to strengthen believers and train leaders, women and men. We provide training for through ministry and life group leadership, as well as deacon and elder development. Another route we offer is in partnership with the movement of churches we’re part of called Commission. There are courses that will suit those who have never had any theological training before, those starting out in ministry, and even a Graduate Diploma for those seeking intensive formal training. Here is a link to the digital flyer for more info., or click on one of the options below. Please do get in touch as it may be that we are able to subsidise some of your these training costs for suitable applicants.


Do you have a heart for Jesus and a desire to grow in faith? Are you able to take a year out of work/study? The Commission intern year could be for you!

More than just an academic course, Theology for Life will enrich your personal devotion and worship. Looking to dig deeper into your bible, and feel more confident when explaining your faith? This is for you!

We have a big vision to see thousands of lives transformed, through hundreds of churches, in tens of nations - therefore, we need an army of leaders! This is not just a “taught” course, TLM aims to 'train’ you in leadership and ministry