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Learning Lunches

Bite-size conversations

Sometimes just a short conversation can go a long way, especially over food! 

These sessions will aim to give you something to think about, rather than answer all your questions. 

This term:

Each term we host a variety of conversations. We don’t expect people to be interested in all of them, but to pick and choose depending on the topic. 

See below what we are planning to explore this term:

5th May: I want to pray for more than 5 minutes!

12th May: TBC…
Josh Harvey

26th May: What we‘ve learned about forgiveness…

Sara & Mike Sivyer

2nd June: Dating: what’s the point?

Hanna & Keegan Ziady

9th June: What’s all the fuss about Jordan Peterson?

Andy Mehigan

16th June: Thinking about the next stage in my career…

Rachel John & Richard Bursby

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If you want more information, or have an idea then email Andy.