New Acre Cafe

Open Monday-Thursday, 8.30am-1pm.

Less than 500m from our lovely on site cafe is an area that Charles Dickens called, ‘the devil’s acre’! He then described the unflashy ways Christians devoted (and risked) their lives to making it a better place physically, educationally and spiritually.

This explains the origins of the church building you’re in right now.

Although the area has changed a lot, we still believe there are many ways we can all make it a little better and brighter for everyone. That’s why we called this cafe ‘New Acre’, to remind us of the reason that God has put us here today (plus our building almost fills an acre!).

So we’d love you to join us. Firstly, we want you to experience the peace and prosperity that is described on the cornerstone as you walked into this space (did you notice it?). No matter where you’re from or what you do, you are welcome here and we pray that you feel at home.

And then we’d also love for you to join in. Jesus said that it’s better to give than to receive. He then demonstrated it by giving up His life so that we can all receive eternal life. We believe that is a great motivation to do something generous today. What could you do to make this place a New Acre of faith, hope and love for someone?


New Acre Cafe

We hope you enjoy the NEWGROUND coffee and CAKESMITHS baked goods too!


Newground coffee is ethically sourced high-grade coffee, carefully selected from small-scale farms around the world. They create work and training opportunities for ex-offenders across the UK, giving some of the most overlooked people in society a new beginning.