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New Acre Cafe

Open Monday-Thursday, 9am-4:30pm.

Less than 500m from our lovely cafe is an area that Charles Dickens called, ‘the devil’s acre’! He then described the unflashy ways Christians devoted (and risked) their lives to making it a better place physically, educationally and spiritually. 

That’s a key part of Westminster Chapel’s origins story, and its ongoing mission and it’s why the cafe is called ‘New Acre’.

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Our suppliers

We are extremely proud to be working directly with suppliers who are all making a seriously positive difference in society. They also produce amazing tasting drinks! 




We are so thrilled to now be serving Old Spike Benedict Blend. Old Spike have a fantastic social impact in London. 65% of their profits directly support people experiencing homelessness. Here’s a bit of their story: ‘At Old Spike, we’re committed to ensuring everyone who comes through our doors leaves with a better story than the one they came in with. Whether that’s by offering those affected by homelessness tangible ways to gain new skills and a job, or by serving a customer a delicious, socially conscious cup of coffee, we want to create meaningful social impact.’