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40 Days of Prayer

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Dear church family,

We love you, but more importantly, God loves you. It’s important to remember that in these challenging times we are living through. We are children who are not lost but already found by a loving heavenly Father, and he has not left us alone, but has, through Christ, by the Holy Spirit, committed to be with us, always, and has placed us in a church family.

I remember the evangelist J John once saying, “families that stay together, pray together”. I feel more burdened than ever to pray more. That’s why I’m excited and in faith for the 40 days of prayer that lie ahead. I know some of you are weary. I feel more tired than I can remember. Zoom fatigue amongst many other things has taken its toll on us all. But I believe God will refresh our souls as we spend more time in the river of life, with him in prayer.

We’re asking everyone who calls Westminster Chapel their church to make time to pray for a few minutes every day throughout Lent. We were swamped with lots of great prayer point suggestions from the survey we sent out – thank you. We’ve put these together, along with a revival prayer point as well, written as prayers, for you to make your own and use as a springboard to pray. If you have the app, and your settings are right, you’ll get a daily notification with the prayers.

You can also download the pdf for the full 40 days here. And feel free to share them around on WhatsApp groups.
Why revival prayers? Just over a week ago I unexpectedly received a book on the Hebrides revival in the post. That revival really was a remarkable work of God. The equivalent of nightclubs emptying and young people running to church as the Spirit of God came down. As I read about how the revival got started, I was gripped by these words:

“The parish minister was a God fearing man, a man who longed to see God working. He had tried many things to get the youth of the parish interested, but without success. ‘I’m sure, Mr McKay,’ she [one of the elderly, infirm praying sisters] said, ‘that you’re longing to see God working. What about calling your office bearers together, and suggest to them that you spend two nights a week, waiting upon God in prayer. You’ve tried mission, you’ve tried special evangelists, but have you really tried God?'”

We have tried many things, and praise God we have seen a measure of ‘success’; people have been saved and added. But it is, I believe, only a small tributary off the greater river of God’s Spirit that he wants to roar through us for his glory. He has promised us so much more! IT IS TIME WE REALLY TRIED PRAYER!

Please would you give something up this Lent, so that you can join us, and together, in unity, with one voice, we can all pray more for his coming.

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