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Courage for Every Crisis

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Join us as we work through the sixth-century prophetic book of Daniel together on Sunday mornings at 11am, starting 10th May.

As we live through extremely challenging times, we’ll be looking at the theme of God giving us courage in the midst of any and every crisis.

In the book of Daniel, we find God’s people in captivity, facing apparent defeat, yet we encounter God – who is the same God we worship today – bringing his kingdom-victory his way through the many trials and tests Daniel and his friends face.

By holding to the promises of God; living with faith in Christ’s future-victory, Daniel and his friends find hope and strength.

What might this look like for us, Christians, in 2020?

Join us for the next 12 weeks as we study this remarkable book, and hear what God will impart to us through it. We start in chapter 1 on 10th May 2020, with the title ‘There is Hope!’ so if you’re running low on hope you know where you need to be!

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