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Our Parenting Podcast Goes Live

Parenting Protein

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We’re so pleased to be able to bring you a new podcast for parents called Parenting Protein.

Protein means of first importance. Protein builds and repairs the physical structures of our bodies. In this unexpected COVID-19 time when most of us have more time with our children*, this podcast is about bitesize protein parenting insights, shared by experienced parents, to strengthen and restore our fathering and mothering muscles.

Season one features Guy and Heather Miller, who have four great grown up kids. Guy leads the Commission (Newfrontiers) movement of churches. Heather currently leads Westminster Chapel’s parents and toddlers group, whilst supporting Guy. It was recorded before the coronavirus hit but has some super wisdom on parenting in general but episode three, Thriving, Not Just Suriving the Season, could be particularly helpful for parents, as we navigate this unexpected season.

Seson two is currently being edited and will be available soon. It features Geoff and Sherry Surratt, speaking into how to parent through a crisis (without going crazy). The Surratts have two fantastic grown up children, and four grandkids. Geoff is involved in coaching leaders across the U.S. and Europe on multiplication, strategy and structure. Sherry is Director of Parenting Strategy for the reThink Group (Orange).

*Children usually spend an average of 33 hours a week at school – now this is at home with us amidst homeschooling, working from home and isolation. Our parenting is being tested like never before. May this podcast bring you help and hope! It certainly has been a much needed blessing to Holly and I!

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