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Praise God!

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We want to thank God and praise him for the amazing building project offering.

If you’ve been following the blog you’ll know that our heart is to make the premises God has given us more accessible, hospitable and visible. We feel called to put a blessing centre right at the front of our building for all to enjoy in our community.

We asked for £250,000 (in a pandemic). And our congregation excelled in the grace of giving, a total of £311k has come in!

That puts our fund at over £1.4million and will enable us to do so much more that will bless many future generations until Jesus comes again.

In a time when people could have been fearful of the future and therefore hold on to finances for security, so many have trusted God instead and been extremely generous with what he’s given them. What a witness to London and the world! God’s people do not live to get materially rich, we live out of already being spiritually rich through Christ.

One particularly moving gift (see above) was labelled as a widow’s mite offering (Mark 12:41-44). It read, “I only have a widow’s mite to give, but the vision of opening up the front of the Chapel, so that the Light of Christ shines out onto the dark streets of London, has all my support…”

It’s not about the amount so much, it’s about the heart of the givers, the love for God, his church, and for others, that they might know this love too. That’s especially what we are so grateful for, and want to celebrate. Thank you God for this work of grace amongst us, and thank you to everyone who gave so generously.

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