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The Best Masters in Theology?

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We think so. Yes, that may be because we’re partnering with Commission to host it… but we really do believe it’s an outstanding opportunity for gospel believing preachers and pastors in London and beyond to come together to grow in God, to further advance the good news of Jesus. We can do more together than we can apart.
What’s so good about it?

– Union School of Theology. Top quality teachers, super, glory of God focused academic organisation / movement, headed up by brilliant theologian-teacher Mike Reeves, of The Good God, Christ Our Life, Introducing Major Theologians book writing fame.

– Great modules and teachers: Spiritual Formation of the Leader (Mike Reeves), Biblical Theology (Cor Bennema), Doctrine of Scripture (Robert Letham, author of Systematic Theology), Contemporary Church Issues for Evangelicalism (John Stevens, FIEC National Director), Popular Culture & the Christian Worldview (Ted Turnau, author of Popologetics).

– Manageable time commitment and essay deadlines. 3 years of two week intensive study weeks per year, followed by a 15,000 word dissertation in the fourth year. 8 weeks to complete 5,000 word module assignments.

– Affordable. Fees spread out over four years.

– Covid-19 proofed. Good tech solutions to make learning work well online.

– Accredited. By Open University.

Full details available here on the Commission website.

Applications should be made here via the Union website.

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