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On Sundays 9th Jan to 6th Feb, we are preaching into our four identity statements that describe the feel of the church family that is Westminster Chapel. We want to obediently press into even better expressing the unique church God has called us to be.

We think of ourselves as a unifying “both-and” church – Bringing key things together that are often kept separate. A have our cake and eat it church, if you like.

These four statements came out of a listening exercise we did as a church family in 2020.

The comments below the concepts are snippet quotes or summaries of what many people said when they were asked to describe Westminster Chapel, answering questions like: ‘Why drew you to come?’ ‘What made you stay?’ ‘What’s unique about our church family?’

1. Acceptance & Transformation

Come as you are. Authentic non-judgemental welcome. Honest and open. Truth (spoken in love). Loved too much to stay as you are. Hope for positive change. Everything is done at Chapel under the banner or flags of grace and peace.

2. Word & Spirit

Biblical depth. Doctrinally strong. Courageous on controversial issues. Traditional, in the right sense. Prophetic. Creative (forward-thinking, in the right sense). Presence of God inviting/pursuing. Encouraging of spiritual gifts.

3. Diversity & Unity

All ages, ethnicities and income represented and mixing. Strong togetherness for the gospel.

4. Family & City

People look out for each other. You can be real and don’t have to wear a mask. We eat together regularly. Authentic and infectious fellowship. Strategic location. Compassionate heart towards those in need. Sacrificially present to seek the prosperity of the city.