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God Cares About…

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Does God care?
That’s the name of the latest series we’re running, starting this Sunday, 30th June.

It’s an important question, one that’s been asked from the dawn of time, “Is He there, and does He care?”
We say yes, and passionately! Our ability to care about anything (objectively; that is truly and deeply) actually comes from God (evolution can’t give us an ought, only an is).

But… many of us have become disconnected from what He cares about. Whilst we care about our personal wants and needs, God graciously challenges us to get perspective and catch His heart for forgotten and:misunderstood issues, and people; in 21st century London and beyond.

In this series, we’re praying for God’s heart to touch and transform our hearts, as we expose ourselves to (some of) what God cares passionately about, that we can perilously neglect:

1. God cares about the planet – 30th June
– With Tearfund info table.

2. God cares about the unborn – 7th July
– With The Gate Pregnancy Crisis Centre info table.

3. God cares about the oppressed – 14th July
– With Compassion (child sponsorship) presentation and info table; followed by our Street Party.

4. God cares about marriage – 21st July

5. God cares about the city – 28th July

All are welcome to join us: Sundays at 11am.

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