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God Cares: Resources

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Between 30th June and 28th July we asked big questions: ‘DOES GOD CARE ABOUT…?’

We looked at five topics. Some are popular, some controversial and some complex. Our goal was to jump into the Bible rather than jump onto a bandwagon and find out what God says about each issue. Below is a list of the talk titles AND a few helpful resources that we found helpful and mentioned in the talks and our Life Group sessions.


ACTION POINT: Think about how you are stewarding the resources you have, and be aware of the impact and repercussions of your choices. Visit the Tearfund Restoration Story website and start thinking about how you could make a positive change. If you’re especially passionate, you can join our ‘Chapel Green‘ group, that meets regularly to think about how we as a church can steward our resources well, for the sake of the planet.
Pollution and the Death of Man – Francis Schaeffer
Creation in Crisis: Christian Perspectives on Sustainability – Robert S. White (Editor)
There is No Planet B – Mike Berners-Lee


ACTION POINT: Sign up to become an advisor with The Gate (Westminster Pregnancy Crisis Centre), and commit to raising awareness of it/supporting it. You could also join our Public Policy email thread, to be emailed about issues that we can lobby and pray about.
Brephos – Equipping the church to love the unborn
Right to Life – Positive Changes on Life Issues
Home for Good – information about fostering and adoption
Why Pro-life? – by Randy Alcorn


ACTION POINT: Consider praying and volunteering for our Foodbank or CAP Debt Centre, and bring in donations for Foodbank to Chapel on the first Sunday of every month – like this week!
Compassion – sponsor and pray for children around the world
Refugees at Home – support and host asylum seekers and refugees
This is London – Ben Judah


ACTION POINTS: On 28th March, 2020, we’ll be hosting a Marriage Enrichment Day with Geoff and Sherry Surratt (Ministry Together). Later on in the year, we’ll also be running The Marriage Course, helping couples who’ve been married recently, or even for many years. Whether you are married or single, pray for the ways marriage is at times being eroded and redefined in society – that we will be able to see it for what it is: a beautiful picture of Christ and the church!
Meaning of Marriage – Tim Keller
Tying the Knot: A Premarital Guide to a Strong and Lasting Marriage – Rob Green
How Celibacy Can Fulfil Your Sexuality – Sam Allberry


ACTION POINTS: Stay in the City! Commit to living here, raising a family, getting involved in your community, loving those around you. Flee from whatever your ‘Tarshish’ might be, and seek the prosperity of the city – settle here: London needs you – Westminster Chapel needs you!
City to City – articles and books relating to the City
5 Things to Pray for your City – a great resource for prayer and reflection
Why cities matter – by Stephen Um and Justin Buzzard
It takes a city to raise a child – by Tim Keller
Why the City is a Wonderful Place to Raise Children – by Kathy Keller
We hope you find these helpful and empowering in your walk with God.

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