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Journeying “after God’s own heart” through prayer
26th January – 15th March 2020

On 26th January we begin a new journey together on Sunday mornings; a series which we’re calling ‘Heartcry’.
Heartcry was conceived from a desire to become more intimate with God through prayer. As a church, we long to be men and women after God’s own heart (1 Samuel 13:14) – ‘Davids‘ – people who have tangibly been with Jesus (Acts 4:13).

As we draw closer to the heart of God, my hope is that we will pray more in line with His heart, see what He sees, feel what he feels (purifying our human feelings to be more divine), and be transformed in the process through prayerful intimacy with Him.

Alongside this, we want to catch God’s heart for the persecuted church and pray for our suffering brothers and sisters around the world. This will culminate in an event we are co-hosting with Open Doors on 19th March.

Will you join us on this journey? Sundays at 11am – everyone is welcome.
26th January – Cry Satisfaction.
2nd February – Cry Wisdom.
9th February – Cry Intimacy.
16th February – Cry Boldness.
23rd February – Cry Presence.
1st March – Cry Justice.
8th March – Cry Peace.
15th March – Cry Faith.

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