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New Series: Dream Team

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This Sunday we start an exciting new series unpacking one of our style points (the way we like to do church), called Dream Team.

We think it’s important because growth comes as each part does its work. But not just growth; joy.
Knowing you’re not just needed but necessary to do something extraordinary is exhilarating.

Church is meant to be the best team ever. Forget Marvel’s Avengers or the A-Team: God gives supernatural gifts to believers He calls to be His teammates to enforce His victory over the greatest tyranny of all; the destructive and debilitating reign of sin in our world. And everyone is included, everyone, including you, has an important part to play.

This is what a key part of Paul’s first century letter to the church in Corinth (Chapters 12-14) teaches, that we’ll be exploring together.

We hope this series will accomplish:
1. Faith. We hope you’ll become more expectant of what we can do together.
2. Find. We hope you’ll be able to identify your gifts, if you’re not sure what they are yet.
3. Fan. We hope you’ll be able to fan them into flame.
4. Fruit. We hope this will result in greater fruitfulness.
5. Fulfilment. And we hope it will lead to greater joy for you and all who join with us.

Many years ago it was predicted that Westminster Chapel would not just be a preaching centre but a centre of excellence in body ministry. This is what we believe God is calling us to. We believe this series will lead to even more spiritual gifts flourishing amongst us, such that people will fall down and worship God, exclaiming, “God is really among you!” (1 Corinthians 14:25).

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