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The Bible – in 12 verses

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Over the next 12 weeks at the Chapel, we will explore “history’s most influential book” (according to award-winning historian Tom Holland) in twelve verses. It’s an invitation to find deep meaning, real purpose and true acceptance as we explore the story that shapes all reality.

We are a church that believes in the authority of the Bible. We believe it tells the greatest story – God’s story – the story that makes sense of life. And we believe, we – you – can only find deep meaning, real purpose and true acceptance, as we humbly find our fit in HIS-story. 

The Bible is the world’s bestselling book. But few have read it, and many only know out-of-context references to it, whilst regularly using phrases from the Bible without realising it, e.g. “the eleventh hour”, “the blind leading the blind”, “skin of your teeth”.

The Bible is a diverse collection of 66 books written by more than 40 different authors, from different walks of life, in three different languages, on three different continents, over 1,500 years – telling one, unified, overarching story – the outworking of God’s love in creating, rescuing and redeeming all of creation – humanity included. 

We want people to know this story, not simply so they can better understand and read their Bibles, important as that is, but so they – we – can better understand and navigate life – what each of us are here on earth for. 

Over twelve Sundays we will journey from Genesis to Revelation, through twelve foundational verses (chosen by leading theologian Andrew Wilson) looking at this great story unfolding, alongside key doctrines like the deity of Christ, creation, the image of God, the origins of evil, and so on. Join us in person, or online, and let’s find deep meaning, real purpose and true acceptance together as we explore the story that shapes all reality.

Download our fillable workbook here, or pick up a copy on Sunday, to help you journey along with us and make notes each week.

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