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Walk in Love

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Walk in Love is the name of our next series in the amazing New Testament, first century letter we know as Ephesians, that we’ve been working through as a church, since September last year. It’s taken from chapter 5, verse 2. Worthy walking is the theme of this section. Paul has moved from describing the multifaceted diamond beauty of the gospel, what God has done for the believers in Christ, with his “therefore” in 4:1, to setting and mounting this ultimate of jewels, in church life, for the display of his glorious reunification, sin-division destroying, work to the world.

We are so thankful for the great team we have here, one of them being Luis a graphic designer, who’ve put together some more excellent artwork.” It really captures what God is saying in these chapters well. We want to walk for him, better rooted in the love of God, following inside the footprints of Christ, so to speak, as we seek to lovingly honour him with every step we make.

Join us on Sundays  at 11am online or in person as we journey further into God’s love, so we can walk further out with his love. with. every. step. we. make.

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