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Still Knowing: Finding Rest in the Busyness of Life

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Psalm 46:10 says, “Be still, and know that I am God”.
“Be Still.” Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? But in our daily lives, how many of us manage to actually put this into practice?
I know that personally, I struggle to rest. I’m addicted to accomplishment; even my downtime needs to pass the usefulness test. I’m a driven personality type: “The early bird catches the worm”… “The devil doesn’t take a day off, so why should I?” At least that’s what I’ve told myself.
And yet the Bible continually draws us back to ‘resting’, or ‘the ancient art of Sabbath.’
I’m not alone in my tussle to rest well. Many people I meet, inside and outside of the church struggle to find true rest in the busyness of a huge, bustling and relentless city like London. It’s said that on average Londoners work three weeks a year more than the rest of the UK, and depression and burn-out are on the rise, affecting one third of workers.
That’s why, on Sunday 9th September 2018 we start our series on Rest. We’re calling it Still Knowing; a play on words we want you to think about. Rooted in Psalm 46, it’s a four-part conversation designed to help you find rest.
Four messages titled: Stop, Look, Listen and Live.  It’s not about following legalistic ideas of what Sabbath should be, but it’s about finding freedom: a spiritual Highway Code to help you not just survive but thrive.
So join us on this adventure:
9th September – STOP
16th September – LOOK
23rd September – LISTEN
30th September – LIVE
Listen to the series here.
All at 11am.
For those who are super-keen to get started already; in preparing for this series, I read four excellent books that I would highly recommend:
Garden City  by John Mark Comer
The Rest of God  by Mark Buchanan
The Sabbath  by Abraham Heschel
Invitation to Solitude and Silence  by Ruth Barton

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